Private Tours

What to expect

Embark on a seamless journey with Lively Tours and Talks as we guide you through every step of your upcoming adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park. From preparing your necessary paperwork to the moment you return, filled with unforgettable memories, we ensure a smooth and enriching experience. Here’s what you need to know to make your exploration as enjoyable and hassle-free as possible.


Welcome to your guide to adventure!

Here’s a step-by-step guide on what to expect before and as you arrive for your tour in Rocky Mountain National Park.


STEP 1: Fill out your Acknowledgement of Risks form.

Please insure each member of your group has signed an Acknowledgement of Risk form prior to the day of your tour. If you lost your copy, just click here:


STEP 2: Confirm where you are going.

The Grand Lake Center is at 301 Marina Dr. at the corner of Marina Dr. and Center Dr. You were supplied with a map to help direct you. If you have any questions you can always call us at 970-531-1211. Here is a link to Google Maps of the location:


STEP 3: Arrive, Check-in, and meet CEO, Dave Lively

Parking is available at the Grand Lake Center. After you’ve parked you will meet Dave, the Chief Experience Officer, at the Flagpole for your check-in. If everyone in your group has signed their Acknowledgment of Risks form it’s time to load up. If someone didn’t sign the form ahead of time we will provide a new one to sign.


STEP 4: Turn Your Phone Off

Shortly after entering Rocky Mountain National Park you will find you will have no service on your phone. We recommend turning your phone to Aviation Mode to conserve your battery and allow you to take photos.


STEP 5: Load up into the Lively Tours and Talks 4-door pickup truck.

As soon as everyone is gathered together Dave will be giving you information about the tour and what to do with your items you brought.

As the tour is limited to four people you will be able to decide who gets “shotgun”.


STEP 6: Time to head into Rocky Mountain National Park.

The entrance is minutes away from the Grand Lake Center. Dave is now in charge of showing you the time of your life.


STEP 7: Return to Your Vehicle.

After your tour you’ll head back to the Grand Lake Center. Dave will help make certain you pick up all of your belongings.


Step 8: Optional, but much appreciated...Submit your reviews.

If you had a great time and want to let Dave know, gratuities are not required but they are certainly appreciated. Many people use restaurant guidelines of 15-25%.

Turn your phone back on to let everyone know what a great time you had!


My wife and I went on a 3hour trip on the Grand Lake side of Rocky Mountain National Park. Dave is a great story teller and knows not only the Grand Lake areas Like Rocky Mtn. NP but the original part of Grand Lake called Grand Lake City. He has Photos to give you an idea what it looked like before modern day progress. It is interesting and fun to see animals like Elk and deer on our tour. It’s worth the time.”

Brey H (TA)