Rocky’s West Side Stories – Guided Tour

Do you ever wish you had lived in the pioneer days?




4 Hours



14 and up



Rocky Mountain National Park



First Person: $198
Additional People: $150

You would have the inspiration to cross Ute trails over the mountains to camp on the side of Colorado’s largest lake. You would have the courage and adaptability to live in a cave on the side of a mountain while digging a ditch to divert water out of the Grand River. You might see the Arapahoe men on horseback wandering through what would become Rocky Mountain National Park pronouncing the ancestral names, like “Kawuneeche”, or the features they see, or hear Enos Mills talk of preserving the land for generations to come to explore and enjoy.

Living now you will explore all of these experiences and more. You will be inspired to encourage your children and grandchildren to preserve the Wilderness, Wildlife, and Wonder of Rocky Mountain National Park’s west side far into the future. Our small group, of no more than 4 guests, will walk 1 mile round-trip to the mining camp town site of Gaskill, the homestead site of the Trail River Ranch, and see the Buckaroo Barn while enjoying stories and photos of the people of the Kawuneeche Valley. We will continue the adventure through the Kawuneeche Valley with opportunities to take memorable photos, with stops requested by you, as we travel to the breathtaking overlook at the Farview Curve. There will be additional stories and photo opportunities as we return down the valley.

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