Step-On Tour Guide for Bus/Motorcoach Tours

It’s about the scenery…

It’s about the history…

It’s about the PEOPLE!

I simply can’t imagine a better way to immerse your special group into the hidden narratives of a region, to explore quiet corners and appreciate the benefits and enormous satisfaction of traveling in a bus or motor coach with your own tour guide. These are the experiences they can only experience from the comfort of a tour bus or motor coach. Touring with Lively Tours and Talks is, at its heart, a way of connecting more authentically with the nature and settings of Rocky Mountain National Park. Sure, Lively Tours and Talks provides access to historic photos and opportunities you could never arrange on your own. But all of our comprehensive planning and support is aimed at something far simpler; bringing your passengers the immediate, highly personal satisfaction of discovering the past on their own terms.

Dave Lively

A memorable and transformative experience into Rocky Mountain National Park.


Chief Experience Officer, Dave Lively, will unlock hidden narratives unavailable to the casual observer.

He will shine light on the rich history of Rocky in a way that brings the adventures of the people of the past to life. With stories and one of a kind photos he will connect your group to events and personal journeys from the past, transporting them back in time and allowing a visualization of this wilderness in a new light.

Dave is a resident and well-known historian in Grand Lake, and the only Certified Tour Guide in Grand County, Colorado. He lives less than ½ mile from Rocky Mountain National Park, his backyard. His family homesteaded what is now the entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park, giving him generations of unique detailed knowledge, stories and photographs.

Dave will bring new insights as your group learns of the people who have enjoyed the area during the last 11,000 years. Hear stories of Native Americans naming many of the mountains and rivers we now enjoy, miners searching for that elusive “gold in them thar hills”, and pioneers who started ranching only to find more riches could be gained from tourists or supplying fresh milk to the growing population of Grand Lake.


Through helping visualize historical people and events, your group will become one step closer to experiencing history, which in turn will help them better remember how history brings us to today and influences our efforts to preserve this special place.

Your passengers work hard to be able to travel, so we work hard to ensure your Step-On guided tour is everything you dreamed of providing. Each tour has a mix of sightseeing, history, points of interest, and short walks/hikes, plus the opportunity for the group to become immersed into the Wilderness, Wildlife, and Wonder of Rocky Mountain National Park.

Long after the bus or motor-coach leaves our valley, photos will remind them of their personal and memorable experiences of ROCKY!

Lively Tours and Talks conducts tours in Rocky Mountain National Park under a Commercial Use Authorization permit. Allowing you the annual savings of time and funds in not having to acquire a CUA permit for one or two trips a year to Rocky and having to record and submit an annual report to the Department of Interior.

What time of year do your passengers want to come to Rocky Mountain National Park?



Where else can your passengers ride through meadows filled with wildflowers in the morning and canyons of snow in the afternoon?

Fast Flowing snowmelt in the headwaters of the Colorado River wash spring across the Kawuneeche Valley. Your passengers enjoy the sight of a new generation of wildlife as Mother Nature wakes up from her blanket of snow. As you climb out of the valley on Trail Ridge Road, at 12,183’ the nation’s highest continuous paved road, they may experience the thrill of riding through walls of snow higher than the motor coach, that were carved by powerful snowplows just weeks before.




What memories will your passengers treasure after traversing Trail Ridge Road, the “Highway to Heaven,” along Native American pathways?

Let your passengers escape the heat and enjoy cool refreshing mountain air and bright warm high-altitude sunshine. Herds of elk browse the wildflower-covered slopes above timberline, while the occasional moose meanders the valley meadows or wanders the boardwalks of Grand Lake. The inspiring views of Long’s Peak and the Never Summer Mountains are as enchanting as the glimpses of deep canyons and high alpine lakes. During the excursion Dave shares hidden narratives of the Native Americans and pioneer settlers scratching out a living in the short summers of the high Rockies.




How many passengers have experienced the unique sound of a bugling elk?

Treat them to Rocky Mountain National Park’s glorious preparation for the long winter ahead. They will savor the quacking aspen with their shimmering gold leaves and white trunks against the dark green of the pines. The cool crisp mountain air will invigorate them as they experience Rocky’s wilderness, wildlife, and wonder. Autumn brings a slower pace to the unique shops along the boardwalks of Grand Lake and the Alpine Visitor Center.